by Lookin Up

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released May 12, 2014

All songs written by Lookin Up
Lyrics by Rowan Crowe
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Luke Cooper



all rights reserved


Lookin Up Auckland, New Zealand

Birthed in the Aotearoa Hardcore scene and playing endless shows up and down the country, Lookin Up is a band of high energy and passion. Having secured support slots for Rise Against, The Story So Far, Man Overboard, Deez Nuts, Gorilla Biscuits, Turnstile, Parkway Drive, Thy Art Is Murder, The Word Alive and many more, the future is looking bright for this 4-peice act. ... more

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Track Name: Reborn
For so long
I've lived like this
I never wanted to change
But, but, but I must

The time is now

Now I scream, I shout, I cry
It only came from the change
And now I sing

I sing of hope
And I hope in what is good

Because I want it all
Because I
I want it all
And its bigger than me now

Darkness to light
I scream
Track Name: The Search
I’m still searching
for a better life
for a better way
and I
wont stop, cant stop until I find the truth.

Fire, burning deep inside of me
its that drive that makes me wanna see
To search for truth
In a world of disbelief

I see
I see in me
A better man
That I’m to be
Track Name: Sick
My mind’s to closed to see
the good in front of me

So save me, save me from my own misunderstanding
because I dont understand
I dont understand it pulls me down

Sick and sick of this way I am so

Help me, help me see what I
can’t see
because I don’t understand
that I’m missing out
on something good
in front of me

Sick and sick of this way I am
Track Name: Free
No matter what I’ve done
No matter where I’ve been

I’ve been freed
From my past
Been set free
The battle won

I did nothing to deserve this
I can’t believe its even real
I have to give it up
I have to let it go
To be free
Freed from my past

The price is paid
I’ve found the way
Track Name: Weak
My heart is broken
My stomachs sick
Never felt so low

Weak and powerless
I feel so small

I need you now
More than ever
I need you now

The times I feel so low
I look to you
You take me out of where I am

From the depths I am freed
Darkness aint got no hold on me

I'll rise
From the depths I'm in
From the depths I sing
I'll rise
From the depths
Track Name: Same: Same
I used to think that I was better
but I was wrong
‘cos we're made from the same mud
and in our veins runs the same blood

I think I’m better than you
this scene has taught me that I’m better than you

What have I
What have I become?

Its time to change
retrain my brain
to put others before me
and not to judge

What we have is gold
Don’t divide the family
stand up and be a man
Don’t divide the family
Track Name: Lies
Its’ all I heard

The God of this world had blinded me
hand fed lies to believe

Its not the way its supposed to be
Its not the way it was made to be
Cut it out
And see through the lies

Through the lies, through the lies
See through, see through the lies
Track Name: Change
Turning around and making a change
The way I’m living aint good for me

Stuck in my old ways
Makes it hard to see
Stuck in my old ways

I have a choice
I’ll make a change
Track Name: Poison
This life I live is my own journey
and no one elses
This is my choice and no one elses

I hold this close to my heart
I’m not here to preach
but it makes me feel alive

I’m not a slave
I’m in control
This lifes a gift
And i wont waste it

I’m free
In this life I live
I’m free
And i wont waste this